Pitch & Present

Prepare. Persuade. Prevail.


Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success.

- Paul J. Meyer


Thank you for the hard work and expertise you have provided to ensure another successful term for our students and the entire Columbia Business School community . . . I am grateful for all you do for Columbia.

- Glen H. / Dean / Columbia Business School

I ended up getting a standing ovation yesterday.  I will send you the video when I get it.  I was told that my speech will get selected to be posted to the main TED web page too.

- Sheena I. / Business Author / Hachette Book Group

It was a pleasure to attend your lecture at AU Monday evening. In co-founding and building two very different businesses, I have lived and endured - and stumbled - in the various dimensions you discussed. Your discussion was absolutely spot-on each and every dimension.

- Brian C. / VP Marketing / NCC Media

I had a very positive meeting with the leadership and I appreciate the insight you gave me. I look forward to working with you in the near future.

- Nova A. / Director of Training / AT&T

Your coaching style really worked for me; you didn’t pull punches and you had a strong focus on achieving practical goals.  At the same time, you provided the encouraging, supportive elements of coaching that kept me going when things got rough.

- Barbara N. / Sr. Project Manager / World Bank


Thank you for your input and advice.  I truly appreciated your tips.  Frankly, it blew my mind (in a good way).  I’m still thinking about our conversation. 

- Tahara M. / Marketing Director / Blue Man Group

Thank you very much for your help with the case competition for the Pershing Square Value Investing and Philanthropy Challenge. The five teams involved benefitted quite a bit from your advice and tips, and Pershing Square was quite pleased with the results.

- Kevin O. / Dir. / Graham & Dodd Investing Center

Just finished my presentations and Q&A… thought it went well.  My mentor, who doesn't get effusive with praise, said he was "pleased."  Which is about as good as I'm going to hear.  Thanks for your help and have an enjoyable remainder of your summer.

- Dan Y. / Analyst / Franklin Templeton Investments

Thanks again - Our presentation improved significantly because of the feedback session! It was hard to follow, and thanks to your direct and practical feedback we could trim it down to an understandable and compelling story. It was painful to hear the feedback, because we knew it would involve a lot more work, but it was very well brought and very honest. I am pretty sure that we wouldn’t have won with the original presentation.

- Konrad W. / Consultant / McKinsey & Company

Thank you for presenting “The Art & Science of Persuasive Communication” at the New York City Bar. We appreciate your willingness to gear your program to an attorney audience. Thanks again for your time and effort you put into the program.

- Deborah. B / Assistant Director / NYC Bar Center