​What is PitchCamp?


PitchCamp is a two-day workshop that teaches a unique - but proven - approach to designing and delivering a persuasive presentation. At PitchCamp, you will learn to:

  1. Establish a Genuine Connection with your audience.

  2. Make a persuasive case for your recommendations.

  3. Steer your audience toward a predetermined course of action.

Results? Clear messaging, captivated audiences, and increased sales. In addition, on-camera exercises and individualized coaching sessions will improve your confidence, executive presence, and audience management skills.


You will leave PitchCamp ready to give a complete presentation, which may include slides, notes and handouts. Rest assured, PitchCamp is “Earth’s best method for designing and delivering a persuasive presentation”. You will be armed with the strategies + tools + tactics that mitigate disaster and maximize your chance of success.

​​Who Would Benefit?


Anyone who needs to sell a product, service or idea:

-  Salespeople and/or sales teams.

-  Science, math, and engineering professionals​.

-  Lawyers and law firm marketing managers.

-  Subject matter experts who give speeches and/or TED Talks.

-  Candidates running for appointed or elected office. 

-  Entrepreneurs seeking financing and/or strategic partnerships. 

-  Executives presenting to internal and/or external business audiences.

Key Topics

  1.  How to Analyze Your Audience

  2.  The Magic of a Win-Win Objective

  3.  Structuring Your Argument for Impact

  4.  3 Keys to Persuading Your Audience

  5.  The Art & Science of Storytelling

  6.  Minimizing Anxiety and Stage Fright

  7.  Maximizing Executive Presence

  8.  Mastering Q&A Sessions

  9.  The DNA Secret to Great Presenting

  10.  Top Ten Disaster Avoidance Tips

Day 1

 - Organizing Your Script

 - Achieving an Executive Presence

 - How to Shine During Q&A

 - Leveraging Slides, Notes, Handouts

 - First Rehearsal

Day 2

 - Murder Board Q&A Session

 - Second Rehearsal

 - Directing Audience Attention

 - Slides, Props, Set Preparation

 - Final Rehearsal

The biggest problem with communication, is the illusion it has occured.

- George Bernard Shaw

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