Dear Marc - Thank you for the hard work and expertise you have provided to ensure another successful term for our students and the entire Columbia Business School community. To say that being a part of an educational community is a partnership is an understatement, and I am grateful for all you do for Columbia.

- G. Hubbard / Dean / Columbia Business School


Good morning Marc - Thank you for all the time and effort you dedicated to helping me get this speech ready. It’s a big one, and there is no way I could have pulled it off without your gentle guidance and tough love. Let’s hope the cameras get my good side!

- J. Stiglitz / Economist / Nobel Prize Winner

Marc Dorfman delivered an excellent presentation on transforming social contacts into meaningful business relationships to our Litigation Department in January. It had a very interesting effect as over the next several weeks the attorneys that I was working with on business development opportunities used the pointers he gave them and reported that they worked. Marc was also a pleasure to work with.

- M. Gold / Marketing Director / Blank Rome LLC


Hi Marc - Thanks again for meeting with me on such short notice! I had a very positive meeting with the leadership team and I appreciate the insight you gave me. I look forward to working with you in the near future.

- N. Adams / Director of Training / AT&T


Thanks again Marc - Our presentation improved significantly because of the feedback session! It was hard to follow, and thanks to your direct and practical feedback we could trim it down to an understandable and compelling story. It was painful to hear the feedback, because we knew it would involve a lot more work, but it was very well brought and very honest. I am pretty sure that we wouldn’t have won with the original presentation.

- K. Wiedhaup / Consultant / McKinsey & Company


Dear Marc - Thank you for your input and advice. I truly appreciated your tips. Frankly, it blew my mind (in a good way). I’m still thinking about our conversation. 

- T. Milan / Marketing Director / Blue Man Group


I met Marc at a networking event, which led to an impromptu coaching session. Marc provided invaluable coaching by sharing his communications formula and applying it to my need for a better way to introduce myself to potential clients. I was blown away by how he was able to quickly help me craft a targeted message that spoke directly to the pain points of my clients.

- B. Gubler / Principle / Ascendia Advisors


Thank you, Marc! I ended up getting a standing ovation yesterday. I will send you the video when I get it. I was told that my speech will be posted to the main TED web page too!

- S. Iyengar / Business Author / Hachette Book Group


Hi Marc - The Blow team wants to again thank you for your insight, guidance + coaching over the past few weeks. Not only did you provide strong insight in honing our investor presentation, but your media training classes provided an informal yet nurturing environment for our employees to fine-tune their presentation skills. We look forward to working with you again in the future and would happily recommend you to other small businesses and entrepreneurs.

- J. Flakstadt / Partner / Blow Salons & Hair Care


You are a genius!!! Thanks!!! And send me the invoice. VAST difference . . . VAST!!!

- N. Bilchik / Weekend Anchor / CNN


Marc . . . many thanks for your hard work on teaching skills, which was reflected in the Business Week survey. Maybe next time we can get an A+!!

- H. Wagman / Director, Samberg Institute / Columbia Business School


Hello Marc - Overall, we found both the initial session on general good practices for presentations and the specific session for our group to be very useful. The first one gave us some hints and food for thought on how we could improve and differentiate ourselves. The dedicated session with our group also proved to be very useful. We were very satisfied with the content related discussion and felt that our presentation improved based on that. I would like to thank you for your support during the competition and hope to have the opportunity in the near future to keep improving.

- M. Estima / Consultant / AT Kearney


Marc - Thanks again for enlightening us today! You are clearly a natural and I enjoyed your presentation.

- S. Conroy / Associate Director / Georgia State University


Marc is an excellent presentation coach who offers constructive feedback in a manner that aids in effectively showcasing the business to an audience of potential stakeholders. He provided a framework that helped us analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of our business model. He also emphasized the importance of supplying very detailed and accurate market information that supports every data set or statistic in the presentation.

- C. Mitchell / Partner / Techturized


can't keep up on the emails coming in, everyone had an absolute blast! Marc was great and a really cool guy. We had a lot of fun!

- S. Baron / HR Manager / Acambis, Inc.


Marc is a talented visionary who understands the value of bridging written messaging with visual concepts to brand a business. Highly motivated, Marc is a solid leader, team player and contributor who makes it look easy – and delivers results. In addition, Marc has a wonderful personality and brings great energy to the table. I highly recommend Marc as a colleague and friend.

- A. Braswell / Marketing Manager / Automobile Protection Company

Dear Mr. Dorfman - Thank you for presenting “The Art & Science of Persuasive Communication” at the New York City Bar. We appreciate your willingness to gear your program to an attorney audience. Thanks again for your time and effort you put into the program.

- D. Berman / Assistant Director / New York City Bar

I cannot thank you enough for what a wonderful time we had last Friday with Mac! Everyone has been raving about what a fantastic event it was . . .  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- D. Faith / HR Manager / Eisai, Inc.

Marc - Thank you very much for your help with the case competition for the Pershing Square Value Investing and Philanthropy Challenge.  The five teams involved benefitted quite a bit from your advice and tips, and Bill Ackman of Pershing Square was quite pleased with the results.

- K. Oro-Han / Director / Heilbrunn Center for Graham & Dodd Investing


Dear Marc - Thank you again for all your help with our presentation . . . I can’t tell you how helpful your insights were; from a practical sense on where to stand, how to project our voices, PowerPoint graphics, etc. but also in helping us refocus our presentation to make it more streamlined, effective and powerful.  Our meeting with you last Friday morning was the tipping point which totally changed our presentation, moving it from good to great—great enough that we WON . . . Your help was truly invaluable, and I am so happy to have met and worked with you.  Thank you again!!!

- L. Jezienicki / Investment Manager / The JBG Companies


Marc has provided consulting services to me and the organizations I work with in several capacities, focusing on business strategy, corporate communications, and, particularly, marketing services. He brings a wealth of experience and education, always listening intently to understand situations before providing a clear path forward to achieve a set of specifically defined objectives. On top of that, he is just a lot of fun to work with. I would highly recommend Marc to other organizations looking to grow their business.

- N. Vanderploeg / Consultant / Phase One Consulting Group


Marc - Your straight forward suggestions to create more structure and perhaps equally important the appearance of more structure was very helpful. Even though I am a long-time investment banker and private equity investor (very focused) it has taken time and effort to absorb into action the different audience.

- D. Stone / Managing Director / Pan American Capital


Heard briefly back from Heather last night . . . she wrote . . . "You rock". Which in turn means you rocked Mr. D! Nice job my friend . . . there will be more work.

- P. Bramson / Owner / The Paul Bramson Companies


Marc - Just finished my presentations and Q&A . . . thought it went well. My mentor, who doesn't get effusive with praise, said she was "pleased". Which is about as good as I'm going to hear. Thanks for your help and have an enjoyable remainder of your summer.

- D. Yang / Analyst / Franklin Templeton Investments


Dear Marc - Your approach to coaching was very helpful and encouraging. This is not an easy task given how condescending criticisms can be at times but you made this a very pleasant learning experience for me. All in all, you were very professional and fantastic. Thanks for all your help.

- J. Kim / Professor / Columbia School for International Affairs


Marc is a resource any business would be privileged to have on their team. As a colleague of Marc's on several major marketing and communications engagements, he possesses the aptitude and work ethic to drive the most sensitive and strategic corporate objectives. I hope to employ Marc's creative problem-solving skills on future work.

- T. Hartwig / Senior Manager / Jeffrey J. Kimbell & Associates


Marc - It was a pleasure to attend your lecture at AU Monday evening. In co-founding and building two very different businesses, I have lived and endured – and stumbled – in the various dimensions you discussed. Your discussion was absolutely spot-on each and every dimension. Thanks.

- B. Carlstrom / VP Marketing / NCC Media


Well done Marc! The whole process was fantastic.

- J. Stembler / Project Manager / SPADAC

Dear Marc - On behalf of the Odyssey Board at Columbia Business School, I wanted to thank you for joining Odyssey. Your participation made the conference a great success and the audience greatly valued your unique perspective on pitch presentations. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience with us and making Odyssey a richer event. We look forward to seeing you again.

- M. Trayling / Chairman / Odyssey Global Business Games


Dear Marc - On behalf of Microsoft, thank you for a lively and engaging session! Several hundred attendees responded to our feedback survey, and nearly all said it was an invaluable experience.

- G. Smith / Project Manager / Microsoft LiveMeeting


Marc brought immediate value to the Motor Trend Certified marketing efforts. In just a short time, Marc developed, managed and executed an advertising campaign that stretched across multiple mediums and generated immediate awareness to our endeavors. Marc is very creative with strong communication and process skills. He is a dynamic thinker who is able to work under tight deadlines.

- I. Gabriel / Director / Motor Trend Certified


Marc - Thank you! It was so nice to meet you and I gained a tremendous amount from our time together. The feedback report is wonderful. It is far more concise then my notes. I really appreciate your time and expertise. I will continue to practice and hopefully we can circle up in a few weeks or so to assess my progress.

- E. Leigh / Outreach Speaker/ Jewish Family & Career Services


Hi Marc - I am the team leader of the team which has gone to the finals of the Global Social Venture Competition. We are among the top 10 teams out of 300 teams who participated worldwide. I attended one of your sessions and thought you were simply fantastic.

- G. Nayer / Analyst / Thomson Reuters


I have known Marc for many years and can highly recommend him as an intelligent, creative, enthusiastic, and conscientious professional. Marc is an excellent communicator and strategic thinker, who can simultaneously make you learn, laugh and remember. He translates these skills into effective marketing ideas and implements them with ingenuity and managerial competence.

- J. Evangelista / Partner / Harris Penn Lowry DelCampo LLP


Dear Marc - On behalf of RBK, thank you for helping to make our "Building Better Leaders and Managers" series a success. Your teaching skills are superb, and your enthusiasm was unmatched. The standing ovation from our attendees was well deserved. On a more personal note, thank you for helping me strategize and put the program together. Your suggestions with respect to subject matter were particularly useful. And, you are a joy to work with - thank you for making me laugh!

- R. Katz / Principle / RBK Associates


Hi Marc - Thanks again for your time this afternoon, it was great to meet you. I found both your introductory lecture and your pitch criticisms to be very informative. As I mentioned to you briefly, I represent the Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs (CORE) . . . I was so impressed today that I have asked my board for permission to completely rework the format for the event if you are able to attend. I told them I want you to be the only speaker, and I want you to have about 3 minutes per group with interactive feedback sessions after each 90 second pitch. We are all very excited about the prospect of working with you!

- M. Hartman / CORE / Columbia University


Dear Marc - Thank you for your help with our Chelsea Piers project. It was a pleasure to sit back and watch a professional at work.

- K. Robilotta / Partner / TD Consulting Group


Marc - Your coaching style really worked for me; you didn’t pull punches and you had a strong focus on achieving practical goals.  At the same time, you provided the encouraging, supportive elements of coaching that kept me going when things got rough.

- B. Nunberg / Director  / World Bank

Words are all we have.

- Samuel Beckett

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