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Inform. Influence. Sell.



In today’s competitive business environment, effective communication is more essential than ever before. It is the foundation upon which companies are built, careers are propelled, and knowledge is imparted. Effective communication is critical - without it, misunderstandings arise, errors occur, and business goals are frustrated. In short, effective communication is the key driver of long-term business and professional success.




At Pitch & Present, we help individuals and organizations “get what they want”  through clear and persuasive communication. Our consulting, coaching, and training services help clients achieve targeted business objectives, with an emphasis on informing, influencing, and selling.


  • Sales Training

  • Customer Service Training

  • Presentation Skills Training

  • Keynote Speeches

  • Elevator Pitches

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Business Presentations & Decks

  • Venture Capital Presentations & Decks

  • Convention & Trade Show Messaging

  • Corporate & Website Messaging

Whatever the message, and whatever the medium, we help clients establish a connection, make an impression, and drive audiences toward a predetermined course of action. Results? Clear messaging, captivated audiences, and increased sales.